Kesley Cassaway

Human Druid - Hippy.


Hey man, I just wanted to say that it totally wasn’t my idea that I ended up at the Post. I was just minding my business when a couple of city guards started hassling me. next thing I know I am in the holding cells. they said they were charging me with possession and intent to sell, just cus I had a pound of Lung Lichen, some dried bear mushrooms and my scales. bullshit man, it was totally for Personal consumption, and even if I was gonna share some with my friends, I would never SELL it. anyway, the magistrate said I could ether join up with the Post or get flogged and banished, that didn’t sound like fun, so Here I am.

But I suppose should start my story from the beginning. I grew up in ___________ my p’rents were middle class but totally up tight. I think my old man was a banker or something square like that. anyways, I was a pretty normal kid but the folks got all bent out of shape when the city guards caught me “vandalizing” the town wall (although I maintain that that town is dreary, and I was just trying to add some art to it.) but yeah, they said I had gotten in with a bad crowd. they ended up sending me off to a boarding school on the edge of the Wood of Ativ. one of those wilderness therapy things. supposed to teach troubled kids to up right citizens by making them live in the woods or something. Well, it did teach me some thing, lots of something in fact. Turns out that if you put a bunch a kids i the woods they end up teaching themselves more than the teachers teach them. I did lear to love the woods though, the magistry of it, the peaceful way it all feels, man, yeah, I love the woods, its great. um but yeah, the school, man. mostly what we taught our selves was how to make drugs. did you know that like all drugs come from nature, man? well the broadleaf forests have some of the best ones, and while I was in that school I learned how to find and make all of them. anywhoze, after I graduated from the “academy” I knew I couldn’t move back to the city, So I decided to take my self on the road. I spent a month gathering things from the woods, and you know, getting ready, then took off in a wagon, rode most way across the land, just paying my way with the goods I had packed. had such a good time I decided to just keep on keepin on. been doing that for 4 or 5 years now, Just gathering in the woods than heading out on the road to free peoples bodies and minds, ya know. or atlas that is what I was doing before those guards picked me up in _________ city. now I am stuck here at the watch for 3-5 years.

now that you know my story friend, I am gonna let you in on a little secret. . . I can do Magic! Yeah, like I can like control plants and stuff! now I know what you are thinking, this must just be the drugs talking, which, granted, might be part of it, but I tell you I’m not lying, I totally have magic powers. I think i got them from that time I saw The Golden Tree. I was forging in the woods of Ativ, you know, as I did from time to time to stock up. I was way deep in there looking for some Fuiyaru, a couple drops of its oil will open up your eyes, but put 10 drops under your tongue, and it will ope up your mind, man. anywhoes, There I was, wandering around looking for the pretty little flower, when I stumble into a clearing, well it looked like a clearing because there wasn’t any tree trunks, but the ground was still shaded, thats odd I thought, so I looked up and what did I see. . . but the biggest most beautiful tree ever, man, It’s bark was this beautiful shimmering gold color! the trunk went 20 feet high, then split into theses six huge branches, each spiraling from the center of the tree out like 60 feet to the edges of the clearing. and the trippiest part was that each of the six branches had different color leaves, it was wild I tell you. even the shadows changed color as you walked around it. well I stood there just walking round soaking in the beauty of it, when I began to get sleepy, so I took a quick nap at the base of the tree. when I awoke I could tell something was different about me. I ran back to tell my buds, but when I went back to show it to them, I couldn’t find it again. They said I was just tripping, which granted, I was. but, I donno man, I tell you ever since then I have been able to do stuff, its crazy.

Kesley Cassaway

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