The first humans were said to be made in a cauldron with plants from all regions of Elianor to give them varied skills and appearance, lodestones and iron to make them strong and communal, the blood of The Inozavitae themselves to give them lasting favor and make them in their image, and were cooked together over the hottest flame manageable to give them passion and ambition.

Temples to the Inozavitae are typically to either the gods or the devils although some shrines to single deities exist, as do some to all of them. They are usually constructed in the image of their patron and can range from hovels to magnificent cathedrals.

Followers of the Inozavitae have many overlapping beliefs with Sysaphonists (and it is said that much of Sysaphonism is stolen from their beliefs). They believe that Heaven is reached by summiting The Seat of The Heavens, they believe that Hell is under the volcano of Hells Fin, and they believe that those who die upon The Dark Death are doomed in purgatory. They do not worship water in the same way the sysaphonists do, however, and bury their dead in the ground.

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