The Largest, and richest, country in Elianor. Ollehir is protected by a lake and river system, that also gives it access to resources not available within its bounds. Ollehir is military run, with high generals being risen to kings rather than a bloodline ruling the region. This lends itself to cruel and strict dictatorship more often than not. The current king is Maenit Tarin, a descendent of one of Sysaphons five thousand in The War of Stone. Maenit has an agenda of eliminating Pontia from its own governance and making Ollehir even grander than it currently is. He has never married, nor bore legitimate children, but his appetite for women is storied. He built the famous Fence Forts, a line of forts that create a stone wall, hundreds of miles long, that block the only entrance into the country.


The people from Ollehir have a bustling economy, due to their ease of access to resources, and are generally pompous noble types. The farmers of the region stay away from cities for this reason and usually hire salesmen to sell their products.


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