The Inozavitae

The Inozivitae are the gods of Hexonism. There are six Inozavitum, three benevolent and three malevolent. The three benevolent are Oredised, Erama, and Aticilef. The three malevolent are Atidiva, Erado, and Erolod. These six are said to drive all human action in ways ranging from direct control, to subtle manipulation, to having their blood run through humanity. They represent:

  • Oredised is the manifestation of ambition and desire and is generally depicted as a muscular, attractive, man with shimmering blond hair. He wields a sword with an ivory handle and a gold blade. His birth brought amphibians to Elianor.
  • Erama is the manifestation of love, altruism, and care and is depicted as a tall, lithe, woman with copper hair that flows down to her legs. She wears a needlework cloak with a complex pattern that grows with time, as each human to have ever lived has a stitch in the pattern. Her birth brought mammals to Elianor.
  • Aticilef is the manifestation of joy, pleasure, and happiness and is depicted as a stout woman with flush cheeks and silver hair at her shoulders. She wears a crown of purple crystal and is always shown with a glow given to her surroundings. Her birth brought birds to Elianor.
  • Atidiva is the manifestation of greed, envy, and lust and is depicted as a man with dark chestnut hair and a slight musculature. He wields a silver sword with an ebony handle. His birth brought the marine creatures to Elianor.
  • Erado is the manifestation of hate and malfeasance and is depicted as a woman with silver hair and a wicked smile. She wields a shortbow made from a branch of The Golden Tree, one of only two branches to ever be removed from it. Her birth brought reptiles to Elianor.
  • Erolod is the manifestation of depression and pain and is depicted as an extremely tall, gaunt, man with a shaved head. He bears a cloak as black as midnight that is said to make him invisible. His birth brought insects to Elianor.

Peoples personalities are thought be an imbalance in the blood received from each god at the time of human creation and people will often use the term “black blooded” to refer to sadists, the depressed, the greedy, and others who prominently show their devilish traits.

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The Inozavitae

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